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Add an offer in your site in one minute


Log in our demo

User: 666666 Password: adminadmin


Look for the product


Click in 'Code 1' in any of the products



Paste the code in the html section of any of your pages


Wooowww ¡You should see the offer in your site!

The offer will be updated automatically and the user will be able to select his size and gender.


As you can see after logged in the demo, there are three codes that you can copy and add to your site.

Code 1 always works so it’s perfect to make tests in your site no matter the software that you have used to build it. 

Code 2 and 3 are used by our beta testers and are better for a long term use.

No. The offers are showed by iframes that are independent from your site. Your site will load as the same way.

If there would be some problem with the iframe, your site will be safe and only a simple error message will appear in the iframe.

Yes. Our software is very similar than YouTube and all the sites can add a YouTube iframe to show a video.

Yes. For the test you can use only running shoes to check how the offers shows in your site. After became a beta tester, you will be able to add offers from the category you want.

Nothing will happen because the ad blockers doesn’t work with our offers. So, the user will continue seeing the offer as usually.

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