Panddda is an advanced software to improve the way you display offers on your site.

You can now join our beta testers army and use the tool inmediatly 🙂

Just check it out 😉

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Find always the best offer to show in a simple and fast way

With our browser you can easily check the best offers from your favourite online stores

Forget about simple links that don't convert

Start using advanced ads!

Happier users

You will improve the experience in your website with amazing offers

Earn more

Get the best conversion rates for your ads

Fast and simple

Centralize and manage all the affiliations in just a minutes

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Start to use Panddda in minutes without paying anything

You will get attractive offers constantly updated, and if the offer ends, it will be automatically exchanged for others


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¿What do i need to became a beta tester?

You need a website with 500k minimum users / month and have affiliations with at least 5 online stores.

¿What do i get being a beta tester?

You will get the tool to improve the ads of your site and improve your CTR inmediatly. Also, you will have access to our Trello to check the progress of the software that we are improving right now and you will be able to give your opinion and ideas.

¿How much will i increase my CTR?

This will depends on several factors. On average we have with our beta testers 3x.

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¿When will be available the final software?

We are doing our best to launch it in early 2022.

¿Is if free to become a beta tester?

No, you should pay just 50$ month.

¿Can i use your tool for free?

Yes, we have open our running shoes category some so you can try to add the offers of this category in your site to test it.


Check it out now in your site for free

Add an example offer on your website in 1 minute and discover the easiest way to find and publish offers


What do our beta testers tell about us?

"Panddda's iframes have helped us increase CTR considerably: in peak months we managed to triple our affiliate revenue, as well as the perception of our users that we add much more value to them.
Diego Rodríguez
Planeta Triatlón founder
With Panddda we have an easy system to show several offers to our readers in order to purchase the product after reading our reviews.
Salva Portillo
Foro Atletismo founder
You separate yourself a lot from other tools with something of your own that I is very powerfull

Igor Rozas
Marketing Specialist in fitnessdigital

Do you want to be a beta tester?

We are looking to get new beta testers to create the perfect software. From you to you.

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